We have all been in a place where we felt trapped, or that everyone’s life around us is better. We vouch on external things, that we have no control of, to change and make our stories happy ones!
We keep believing and sharing the stories that hurt us, because they are familiar!
This SketchNote talks about how we can bring meaningful changes in our lives by simply changing our perspectives and narratives!

​We find peace in narrating our stories, assuming that we can not edit them! The truth however is different! We cannot change what has already happened, but we can change our views, broaden them and edit our narratives! What follows is a more insightful life, with more learning’s!Do you feel stuck in a narrative you know by heart now? Are you depending on someone or something in the outside world to change for you to change your narrative?

This SketchNote is inspired by a TEDx Talk by Lori Gottlieb!

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