We tend to assume that Procrastination happens because we are distracted, not in mood or the task at hand isn’t that interesting.
But the truth is Procrastination is more of a habit. While it’s not easy to get rid of habits that boost our dopamine levels,
it’s easier to replace.

When I was designing my website on Wix, it took more than 2 months to make the first version that was ready to be published. Each day on my TO-DO List I would add “website” and carry it on to the next day. It was after days of this pattern being repeated I started breaking down tasks into things I could cover in a day like, “home page, 2 blocks”, “content for bio”, “landing illustration” etc. I started to see the work getting done. Since my goal was defined, I took up the task easily, with more interest than fear and finished it with a tick on my to-do list.

If you try this method, do share your experience. If you use some other ways to stop being a pro at procrastination, hit reply and spill the beans!

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