I conducted a poll on my Instagram handle on how many people have either experienced or been around people who are PMSing (Period Mood Swings) and 98% of them answered a yes! Also, out of the 500 views and 100+ replies I got, no one corrected me on the right full form of PMS i.e. Premenstrual Syndrome. We are conditioned to believe that period mood swings exist and are a result of hormonal changes, making them something beyond a menstruating person's control, turning them into a crazy monster, riding on a roller coaster of emotions!
Let’s see how much of it is true!

Studies show that during research, women report feeling PMDD symptoms more when they know what research they are participating in, than in research where they are simply asked to note their emotions over a few months. The studies do not provide any evidence of unusual mood swings during particular times of the month and infact are not very different from the mood swings men experience.
No two way that women are irritated and upset due to the discomfort and pain, but it still doesn’t lead to irrationally, depression and all the other stuff we believe in. Also, my dear ladies, you have complete control on how to express anything you feel! So be kind of people around you and make sure you’re pampered when you need it!

A few links to help you explore this topic: TED Talk, CIHR article.

Some brutal marketing leading to this PMS culture and declining reproductive health in women: You: PMS free and Do you turn into a witch every month?

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