It’s easy to find people who make you feel good about yourself with compliments and praises, rarely find or point out flaws and mistakes, or stick around after finding them.

But then comes the bunch of people who genuinely love and care for you. They want to see you grow! They see you for all the flaws and scars and love you with them! Getting an appreciation out of them is usually not that easy! But when you do get one, it feels hard earned and real! These people see you when you fall and instead of judging and getting mad at you, show you the truth. They help you understand your mistakes! You often hurt them, get annoyed at them for always pointing out little mistakes, or correcting you everytime! You accuse them of not understanding your situations and get tired of them not getting tired of you!

If you have even one of such souls, hold them tight! Count them when you count your blessings! And maybe, try to be this person for the ones you love!

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