This SketchNote is special! There is no single blog, podcast or conversation that lead to making this one! It’s rather a collection of learning, support from loved ones who saw me fall into this habit and helped me come out, and a lot of “reflecting back on my own actions”!

This SketchNote is on an action we’re all guilty of doing, i.e. “REACT”..
We react with anger, we react when a friend says something hurtful, becoming defensive in the heat of the moment. We seldom see the consequences of our reactions!
But no matter what, it somehow always leads to unwanted fiction in relations and regrets!

In times like such, when we’re surrounded by mindless reactions, what we really need is to be seen and heard!

The least you can do it pause and create meaningful connections!
Start today, Start with yourself!

When have you reacted lately? If you could go back in time, how would you respond?

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