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I'm Tanvi

I am an Illustrator and SketchNoter residing in Bangalore.

I use my art to tell stories, to simplify complex looking concepts into simple, easy to understand visuals and to have many more meaningful conversations with people. In the last 4 years, I have had fun collaborating with businesses and individuals on projects ranging from Illustrations to Journey design, Wall Murals, Book illustrations, Packaging and many more. As intimidating and stressful as it is, Live- Graphic Recording is one of my favourite projects to do.

SillyStrokes is my safe space where I delve deeper into my interest in Philosophy and Behavior Patterns, while questioning our deep rooted conditioning. I try to dig deeper into the thoughts that have keep me hooked and share my learnings as doodles on Instagram and via my newsletters.

I found my love for teaching as I conducted my first design workshop in college. I now conduct workshops and host an elaborate SketchNoting cohort twice a year. I love seeing people unleash their creative sides after believing they can’t draw!

As hobbies, I enjoy reading, binge watching, baking and fancy cooking! If you are a client within any of these spaces, I would love to collaborate and celebrate this mutual love! (especially if you’re in the food industry!! <3)

I got to be on the Upgrade to Business Class Podcast, talking to Adarsh about the design industry.
I got to be on the SketchNote Army Podcast, talking to Mike Rhode about how I pivoted from engineering to graphic design and then to Illustration and SketchNoting.
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