Book a workshop for your team:
I have hosted workshops for Google, Ernst and Young, Inmobi among others, for team building, providing a relaxing and creative few hours to the team members or to help individuals find a creative outlet. To book. a private session for your team  get in touch to discuss your needs and I can recommend the right length and mix of topics for you.
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A 6 week cohort based course to help you convert your ideas and thoughts into visuals.
Here’s what the course can do for you:
1. Develop your own unique style and thinking process
2. Take your ideas and thoughts to a canvas
3. Build an audience and a revenue stream
4. Tell compelling visual stories during presentations and meetings
5. Build your creative portfolio by simply doing the assignments I’ve made for you
6. Grow with an encouraging community with valuable feedbacks and insights. Learn from each others journeys

Mindful Doodling

A 2hr30min interactive doodling session that focus on visual thinking and storytelling

Character sketching

A 2hr30min session that takes you through the basics of character building i.e., Expressions, Body Postures, Drawing Faces & Accessorizing your character