Building a Second Brain: SketchNotes

I was a part of the BASB Cohort 14 (2022) where Togo Forte and the mentors walked us through the journey of Building a Second brain. Throughout the 4 week journey, I sketched and made illustrated note of everything I learnt. I've tried to make these as detailed and self-explanatory as possible, so allow yourself time and read with patience.

The course has been put together beautifully. The content will feel very obvious, but it sure does lead to habit and mind shifts leading you into a journey of building your own second brain.

The entire journey was divided into 4 weeks, each week focusing on Capture, Organise, Distill and Express respectively.

Organise and Distill:

These are my personal notes, my interpretation of the content that was shared to us during the course and my learnings. It is not a 100% accurate reflection of what was taught to us.

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You can read the Twitter thread of these Notes here.

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