The Interspecies Money, is the brain child of Mr. Jonathan Ledgard. He highlighted the pressing issues of climate change and wildlife conservation, presenting his vision for Interspecies money to combat these issues. The Interspecies Conclave hosted by Atria University brought together diverse sectors, the government, the public companies, researchers, environmentalists and other stakeholders to discuss the current challenges and the way forward.

Live-Graphic Recording

Project Scope: The Conclave had 7 sessions of 45mins to 1hr 15 mins each: 1 keynote speech, 5 panel discussions and one presentation. We setup 7 boards and live-scribed the key takeaways from each session.

Some scribes were photographed, printed on postcards and shared with the attendees of the event. The final art-boards were taken back and displayed around the college to spread awareness and start conversations around the topic. The scribes will also be used during meetings and presentations leading to the policy making.

Interspecies Conclave : Photo Dump

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