Xoxoday had been putting booths at trade show events since a while, but wanted to try something more engaging. Something out of the box that would lead to more foot-fall and increased time spent at the booth understanding the company's offering. With a deep understanding of Xoxoday's products and target audience, we set out to design the ultimate booth backdrop, engaging activities and custom gifts for lead generation.

The Ultimate Backdrop

Design a captivating sketch-noted backdrop that showcases the company's array of services. We created a visually appealing mural that integrated icons, illustrations, and brief text to represent each service. This dynamic visual display  grabbed attention, effectively communicated the offerings, and sparked meaningful conversations at the events.

Engaging Corporate Activities

We Designed the engaging activities at corporate booths for trade show events. We welcomed participants to fun conversations that helped us capture . This interactive approach fosters active participation, enhances understanding, and provides attendees with memorable takeaways. 

Client Gifting

We transformed speaker portraits onto coffee mugs, igniting potential leads in a distinctive manner. It is a creative and distinctive approach to forge personal connections. This unique gesture fosters client relationships with an engaging touch. It's a dynamic way to stand out and make interactions memorable. Our artistic mugs speak volumes about our client-centered approach.

Checkout the Wall Murals we designed for Xoxoday here.

Client Gifting
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