SHRM hosted the Talent India Leadership Summit in Bangalore and Mumbai this year with 1000+ leaders coming together to discuss "All things Talent".

I had the wonderful opportunity to scribe 4 panel discussions across these 2 events,

"Sketch-Notes in focus during a talk could be distracting. It could take away the spotlight from the speakers!" This is something I've heard an insane number of times and so, the live-scribe ends up being projected on a tiny LED screen, or maybe post the talk gets over.

But here's what we noticed when we projected the Live-Scribe on the stage backdrop:

1. A less distracted audience!

2. People hooked to the screen and hence to the conversation, because they could see the words echoing in their minds, come to life as visuals.

3. Better retention. People remembered insights because of the visual drawn alongside. So many people came up to me to share what they loved and remembered from the scribe

4. Excited audience, taking pictures and sharing them on social media, adding to organic marketing for the client. Above all this, it's an added experience for the speakers and the audience to remember the event by.

Folks at SHRM India pulled this off beautifully, creating a buzz among the audience, keeping them engaged and assuring them that they could just sit back and enjoy and not worry about taking notes.

Live-Graphic Recording

The scribe on the stage backdrop, larger than life and keeping the audience engaged and hooked :)

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