I always wanted to work with an alcohol brand simply because it sounds super cool, but I really did not expect this to happen. I got the opportunity to work with United Breweries. I attended their annual off-site meet-up in Goa to capture the agendas by the functional heads and how they plan to achieve them.

Visual Summaries of 8 presentations

The 8 CXO's spoke about their functionalities, their goals for 2023 and how they plan to achieve them. Each presentation was 45 min long, and I created visual summaries for each of them, including the talk by Rishi, CEO of United Breweries. These summaries were used the next day, when the CEO and CXO's presented the 2023 agenda to the rest of the team.

P.S.: The graphics are under NDA and hence I cannot share them here.

Live-Scribe of the Talk by Jamie Andrew

The term "Re-Invent" was redefined for every person present in the room as Jamie shared his life story with us. I had the wonderful opportunity to capture his story through my visuals.

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