Art Direction, Visual Brand Assets, Packaging

pHix is a combination of minerals that makes drinking water alkaline. The benefits of drinking ALKALINE, mineral rich water is a new and unexplored concept or most today. Hence, being a new product with a big goal, pHix needed to capture as much attention as it could.

Client & Brief

The founders of pHix already had a logo and tagline in place. They aimed to make boxes that could hold 100 sachets along with a A5 size leaflet to guide the consumer through the product. Since the boxes would be placed in medical stores, they did nit want something mainstream and boring, but a design that would make people curious. Healthy need not be boring, right?

pHix Box Design

Brand Communication

The leaflet enclosed within the box aims to engage with the consumer and answer all possible questions they might have.

Visual Brand Assets

When I first found out about pHix, I empathised with the regular water we drink and with myself for missing out on all the minerals due to excessive purification. I immediately related to how my grandparents always praised well water of their times. I knew that this narrative would resonate with others too. It became the foundation of our Visual Language and how we wanted to have conversations.

Check Out the unboxing Video here.

Visual Brand Assets

“ We are a startup and like every startup we wanted to do something really outstanding. And to our surprise after a drill of few graphic designers , social media designers etc. we finally found sillystrokes. Her discovery was done by a very close relative sitting all the way in New Zealand. After which we realised how important good content on social media is getting with every passing minute. Sillystrokes just did such a fantastic and mind blowing job for our brand which turned the client's outlook towards our product completely.

We are really happy with her work and the kind of warmth she has in her words is unbelievable.”

- Geetanjali (Co-Founder, pHix)

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