Inmobi had organised an event: Conversations over Coffee in their office. This event made room for people working at Inmobi and Glance to have candid conversations with the top management at the office.

Live-Doodling of experiences

I got the opportunity to capture the experiences of the employees as they completed their conversations.

The sessions spanned over 2 days, for 5 hours in total. The bottom of the doodle captured the setting of the space with people sitting by their coffee tables with the managers, team heads and the Founder himself. The doodle was made live, capturing the feedbacks and experiences people shared as soon as their 30min slots completed.

The team later got the doodle printed on a big canvas and installed it in the office.

Interactive Doodle Workshop

80+ people from Inmobi and Glance joined in for the Mindful Doodling workshop. The workshop for filled with conversations, doodling, laughter and people meeting their inner child again. The one who drew without any hesitations :)

The final activity was something everyone enjoyed the most. It made them think, look inwards and express the deep emotions visually.

Interactive Doodle Workshop
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