Karaffles is a fast food cafe in Jodhpur that serves Waffles, fried and Thick Shakes. It was an absolute delight and privilege to work with them so closely. It was almost as though I was working on my own cafe project. Everything that can possibly be designed for a cafe, has been designed by me. The brief I had from the team was that the vibe of the cafe should make people feel welcomed and happy. They wanted a character for the logo that can later become their brand Mascot.

Space Design

The cafe has 2 huge walls that became my canvas. The designs were made on Procreate and then printed as a wallpaper that made its way to the walls. The serving counter had a matt black finish and was perfect for another sticker that added to the vibe of the space. The wall that had the door and overlooked the footpath was made of glass and we realised we needed something that tells people what we serve. Hence a doodled sticker was designed.

Logo Design, Brand Identity & packaging

With the brief flowing in, I just knew that I was going to make a handwritten logo for them. After rejecting 4 ideas, we all loved the one you see here. "Kara" means Love and hence the logo had to have a heart.

The colours were picked up keeping in mind the space design. It had to have playful and yet give a lot of room for versatile applications.

One of my favourite part in the packaging design was to come up with the quotes and phrases on the box and waffle cone. I wanted to make sure I give the customers something that makes them want to share it on Social Media or with their friends ensuring a organic publicity.

Mascot Design and Social Media

The mascot was inspired by some random monster character I saw on instagram. This of course had to be cute and not scary. Hence the softer edges, fun colours and cute eyes. This mascot has been used widely across all print and digital media starting from logo, menu, wallpaper and banners to packaging, Social Media posts and stickers.

Mascot Design and Social Media
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