Let's Doodle Your Resume

Indeed was the Associate partner at the ETHR Summit, 2023 and decided to up the game of engagement and experience at their booth.

Here's when JPG got me into the picture. Indeed is all about jobs and hiring, and so resume's are a big part of it. Since ages, resumes have been intimidating and boring and this is what we wanted to change.

We setup a tiny corner on the booth where we could ignite conversations with people and capture their journeys into a doodled resume. These conversations not just gave Indeed the engagement we were looking for, it gave people a space to tell their stories. We estimated each conversation to last for about 10 mins, but the average length of a conversation was more than 15 mins. While this was simply an engagement activity for us, it was much more than this for the people who joined us. They sat through 20 odd minutes of recalling their life, achievements and learnings and watching it get drawn in a box right in front of them. It filled my heart with so much joy :)

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