Client & Brief

Dohful is a craft cookie company. They ship freshly baked handmade cookies across India, ensuring it's customers access to premium, eggless cookies! While the customers usually eat the cookies as it reaches them, they often struggle with the proper ways of storing and heating them. The founders got these questions so often that they decided to put the answers in the cookie box itself!

It's an absolute delight to watch founders go an extra mile to make their customers experience more fun! Arushi has a similar story! I was asked to design an Insert that addressed two points:

1. Storing the cookies

2. Heating the cookies


In simple words, the card was an Instructions card! I realised that we don't like reading instructions unless we get stuck and need a way out! So, this Insert couldn't look like a set of instructions, but cute cookies talking to you!! Why would a cookie lover not want to know that the cookie has to say?

Hence, I came up with 2 quirky headlines for both sides and restructured the content according to the flow of conversation I had in mind!

Here's what I landed on!

The second part of this project was a packaging design for the top of a new big cookie box that Dohful was introducing! They wanted to capture the Dohful moments their customers had shared with them and hence shared those instances with me. My role was to sketch them out in a style that resonates with their brand, capturing the essence of these moments.


One of the most common questions we get is, what's the shelf life of the cookies, should they be refrigerated, do they have to be consumed in a certain number of days, etc.

Sadly, there weren't any answers unless people got in touch with us. And that needed to change! So we thought we should have a card with the information on how to store and warm the cookies. But the card came out super bland when we tried to design it ourselves, so I reached out to our Instagram community, calling for help from an illustrator, and our inbox was swarming with responses soon after. We talked to almost all of them, checked out their styles, trying to match what they did with what we had in mind.

Enter Tanvi from SillyStrokes.

She's a talented illustrator, we loved her illustrative style and thought she would be great to collaborate and work with. And I'm so happy we decided to do this with her!

-Arushi (Co-Founder, Dohful)

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