The Complete Picture

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September 9, 2021

Usually when I end up fighting with someone, feeling angry or hurt, I am hit with this realisation that I did not see their side or the picture. I somehow always convince myself that I know enough before I realise I don't. Hence, the reactions.

Maybe we never know enough. Do we? So what can help us decide how to react to situation and feelings? This question takes me back to the idea of "Responding and not Reacting".

(I made a sketchnote on the same. You can read it here)

I realised that I do not have to act on everything that happens around me. Not everything needs to be acknowledged by an action. It's okay to let thoughts and feelings just pass by. It's okay to just accept that what I see is not the complete picture. This helps me empathise with people and with myself. It allows me to create room for mistakes. Once that others make, and ones that I make. It allows me to let go of harsh feeling and be at peace with whatever is happening around me.

What's the journey you make?

I would love to hear the thoughts you had while reading this bit. Just hit reply :)