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June 16, 2021

As a kid I believed that I’ll get my freedom once I grow up! Once my parents believe that I am mature enough to handle it!

We’ve all been there I guess! haven’t we?

What I craved for was “Freedom from restrictions, freedom from questions, freedom from the fear and endless expectations...”...

I never realised when this FROM changed to OF…

What I now see freedom as is “Freedom OF choice”!! This comes with responsibility to stand by your choices and get up when you make the wrong ones! This freedom wasn’t anyones to give, but mine to build!

This Freedom did not came gift wrapped as I imagined it to. In fact it did not really feel like freedom at all. It felt like a huge responsibility. Because each choice I make decides where I take my life.

Choosing not to sit for college placements, not taking up a job as an engineer, working as a Junior Graphic Designer, quitting that job in 4 months and being a full time artist are all choices I made. I am still making choices everyday. Now this freedom is a part of me. Not to be taken away by anyone.

Moving out of my parents house is scary! It’s like stepping out in an unknown territory! I’ve stayed away from home before, but what I lacked was freedom and responsibility! There were limited choices I had to make while staying in a pg and cash flowing in from my parents every month!

Moving out now is like starting a new drawing on a blank canvas with just a deep yearning to create something but not knowing where to start..

Do you resonate with this feeling?