Drawing like an Artist

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February 27, 2022

I get this question very often in my workshops. Everyone wants to start seeing results. Let’s pause, stop for a moment and try to understand what is it that you’re actually seeking?

Developing your style, improving your art is a lifelong process! It doesn’t have an end stop! The journey goes on till one keeps practicing. Your practice will start to show tangible results soon. What will take longer is exploring and understanding your thinking process. Developing and updating it from time to time!

I have had conversations with artists, at flea markets, at exhibitions, on SM, via mail, over a coffee or a walk! I’ve had conversations by consuming their content, their captions, blogs, newsletters, their posts and podcasts! I’ve enrolled in their workshops. Spent hours going through their work and identifying patterns and processes. Borrowing them, reshaping them, making them my own and now passing them to you.

While my style and the arts beauty may become irrelevant, outdated and monotonous over time, my thinking process grows with every experience I have. It’s something no one can steal. It helps me create for myself and for others. It is the most valuable asset I own. Invest in it.