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“ We are a startup and like every startup we wanted to do something really outstanding. And to our surprise after a drill of few graphic designers , social media designers etc. we finally found sillystrokes. Her discovery was done by a very close relative sitting all the way in New Zealand.

After which we realised how important good content on social media is getting with every passing minute. Sillystrokes just did such a fantastic and mind blowing job for our brand which turned the client's outlook towards our product completely.

We are really happy with her work and the kind of warmth she has in her words is unbelievable.”

- Geetanjali (Co-Founder, pHix)

My top 4 Projects

The box below is a safe space for you to share an experience, emotion or thought that you've been holding onto lately. I will try and visualise what you share.

I did a "What feelings are filling your heart" project last year and so many of you shared your feelings. I drew most of them and they can be found on my instagram. Like last year, I will be sharing what I make along with your submission on instagram. Reading, understanding and visualising your experiences is a process that takes up time. Please be patient. :)
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I love sending handwritten letters to my folks, but guess well have to settle for a typed one for now! Apart from an update on my life and learnings, you could find some sketch-notes, ongoing projects & updates on upcoming products or workshops! Watch me tell stories through the medium of illustrations and doodle.

I get a bit chatty sometimes, but hey, I love conversations more than anything! So hop in!
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