Beshak aims to make understanding and buying insurance policies easy for a consumer!

Client brief: They came up with a guide book on term insurance and wanted the cover to connect with their audience. Hence, we took a dig at this classic hindi song, and used it to convey our story. The second image concluded the e-book sending the message of feeling protected and comfortable at all times. The e-book is colourful, vibrant and very visual in nature. It’s still available for download on their website.

Beshak team uses memes, movie references and comics to convey important point about insurance, an otherwise extremely dull and boring field to explore. They curated the concept of Insurance ka Katappa and brought me in to sketch out some general poses they could later use in their Youtube videos. This was super fun to do!

Silly Strokes = Unique, intense yet fresh. I am a big fan of Tanvi's work. The kind of thought she puts into her work is inspiring. For instance, she had to only design the front and back cover of one of our eBooks - she went ahead and read the entire book (many colleagues have yet to read the entire book), before our first meeting. She is a thorough professional and a joy to work with.

- Mahavir Chorpa (Founder, Beshak)

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