About the Workshop:

Let's draw everything! From trains to the mountains to that book you started! Let's Draw stories about how you found a reason to smile amidst all other feelings! And that new recipie as well, the one you failed at and the one that tasted amazing! Let's draw everything!

And I promise to you, the one thing that you don't need is "Talent" and "Skills"! All you need is the ability to hold a pencil and scribble your heart out!

The workshop has 4 parts. 

- Story telling via doodles.

- Drawing feelings (eyes, mouth and all other shapes)

- Drawing Your favorite Person, not as humans though!

- Finding yourself via Doodles 

"Drawing is an ability that enables us to communicate with that voice in our head and the amazing people around us." Let's Draw

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It’s a fun and interactive session that one must attend irrespective of their career field and their skill set. 

The workshop is divided into 3 Levels, over a period of 3 weeks. 

Each level ends with some homework, fun exercises and list of videos and blogs you can refer to for practice purpose.

What is it about?

With our data intake increasing at an exponential rate, our ability to process,

analyse and retain also needs to get better!

Humans are visual beings. We consume everything as images, be it audio,

video or any other format, we have a visual in our head for it. Hence, it’s our

natural ability to be able to represent our thoughts and stories via images. 

The workshop helps one understand, organize and present these thoughts

in a more structured and real manner. The hands on session takes you through

a journey of self exploration, bringing back the ability to sketch.

If you wish to host a private session for your team, connect with me on tanvi@sillystrokes.com.