What's holding you back?

Creativity is in everything you do with your heart, be it setting up a business, doing a math problem differently, having a deep meaningful conversation or making a piece of art!
When you sit to do something new, your brain keep making noises! Noises that tell you how bad you’re doing and how no one will like your work or how there are soo many people out there putting out much better work than yours!
What we need to do is find out why you’re doing it in the first place. For the gram? For external validation? Or because your heart jumps at the thought of you doing that? .
Allow yourself to make crappy stuff! Don’t erase your pencil lines, don’t tear and delete files of work that you’re not satisfied with! Hold onto them! Compare your today’s with with them! See your growing curve!
This is all that matters!
The noise is only present because you’re okay with it’s company! It’s time to say good bye! .